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Picture this, for every qualified employee,  your business could receive up to $26,000 in ERC funds. With just ten employees, that's a potential boost of $260,000           

But here's the kicker—the ERC program     has  often been overlooked and underutilized

nationwide. Initially, it provided limited    funding and had strict qualification criteria.   

However, we have incredible news! In November 2021, the program underwent significant changes, making it more accessible than ever before.

  • Introducing the ERC Retention Credit: Unlocking Rewards for Your Business

  • In a world challenged by the pandemic, as a business owner, you've experience

  • The hardships firsthand. Lockdowns, restrictions, and economic uncertainty have put a Strain

  • on your operations. But amidst these trials, there's a glimmer of hope,

 A government program designed to support businesses like yours. Welcome to the Employee Retention  

This was launched in March 2020, alongside other relief measures.     

This Is Not A Loan This Is A Grant From The Goverment You Do Not Have To Pay It Back

    • Take Advantage Of This Benefit

    • Maximizing your ERTC benefits

      We will work with you to maximize your tax savings by leveraging the available ERTC benefits. Our solutions are customized to meet the unique needs of your business.

    Since its inception, we've been guiding small businesses like yours, maximizing the value of this credit

    Our dedicated and experienced accounting staff will help you navigate the 200+ pages of official IRS documents and ensure you receive the full benefits of the ERC. We evaluate your company's eligibility based on IRS guidelines, ensuring maximum funding and certain qualification. We simplify the entire process, completing it in just a few weeks. And to provide solid documentation for your qualification, we've compiled official government shutdown orders from every state and U.S. territory.

    Step 1:  Visit Our Website

    Click Begin Qualifying" to input your business information. We'll quickly determine if you qualify for the program and provide an estimate of how much you can receive in ERC credits.             .

    Step 2: Using Our Secure File     Transfer System,   

    send us some of your payroll tax documents, including 941 payroll tax returns, detailed payroll reports for 2020 and 2021, and basic information on any PPP funding you received.

    Step 3: Experts Evaluate

    Our experts evaluate and analyze the information you provided, identifying the maximum allowable credit your business can receive. Within two to three weeks, we'll provide you with a comprehensive analysis.

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    We'll send you a document containing the final amount of your credit, along with the necessary forms for us to file for the ERC credits on your behalf. Once you sign these forms, we'll handle all communication with the IRS to ensure you receive your full credit.

    Employees who receive a W-2 are paid through their employer's payroll and have their payroll taxes withheld throughout the year. Employers must mail W-2 forms to their employees by January 31 of the following calendar year.

    Get Yourself Qualified 

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  • The ERTC is a refundable tax credit for businesses that continued to pay employees while shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic or had significant declines in gross receipts from March 13, 2020 to Dec. 31, 20211

    .The ERTC can provide tax relief for eligible businesses by reducing their payroll tax liability or receiving a refund if the credit exceeds the liability12.The ERTC can help businesses retain their employees and avoid layoffs or furloughs during this period of economic hardship34

    .The ERTC can be claimed on an original or adjusted employment tax return for a period within those dates, which gives businesses flexibility and convenience in applying for the credit1

    .The ERTC can be combined with other relief programs, such as the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), as long as the same wages are not used for both benefits24.

  • A couple paying for their purchase

     ERTC Grant help   to  rejuvinate   your  businesses

     Most If not all Small Business was affected by covid19.

  • Experienced a significant decline in gross receipts during 2020 or a decline in gross receipts during the first three quarters of 2021

  • Sustained a full or partial suspension of operations limiting commerce, travel or group meetings due to COVID-19 and orders from an appropriate governmental authority.

  • I could monitor my systems easily and figure out any leakage

  • I could monitor my systems easily and figure out any leakage

  • First, did you have a change in business operations in 2020 or 2021 due to Covid-19? For example, did you have to reduce your operating hours, suspend your operations, change your business model, or deal with supply chaindisruptions?Second, did you experience a 50% revenue decline in 2020 compared to 2019 or a 20% revenue decline in 2021 compared to 2019? f you answered yes to any of these questions, you should speak with an ERC expert now.

    Is This Your Business   

    If you're a business owner who was hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic, you know how tough it was to

    adapt to the new reality. You had to change your business operations, reduce your operating hours,

    and deal with supply chain disruptions. You had no choice and it wasn't your fault. It was a stressful

    time physically, mentally, and financially. But what if I told you that there is a way to get some relie

    from the government? A way to get a refund on taxes you've already paid that you don't have to

    payback? A way to get up to $26,000 per employee that you kept employed during Covid? It sounds

    toogood to be true, but it's not. It's called the Employee Retention Credit (ERC), and it's part of t

    hemassive $2.2 trillion CARES Act that our president signed into law in March 2020. The federal government has set aside hundreds of billions of dollars to help businesses like yours that retained

    employees during Covid. The ERC is a payroll tax refund that you can claim for 2020 and 2021. The IRS

    states that you can get up to $26,000 per employee that you kept employed. That means if you have

    10 employees, you could get a check for up to $260,000. If you have 100 employees, you could get a

    check for up to $2.6 million. There are two ways to qualify for the ERC: - First, did you have a change

    inbusiness operations in 2020 or 2021? Some examples include change in business hours, partial

    suspension of your operations, change in business model, supply chain disruptions, reduction in

    services offered, inability to travel to job sites, social distancing spacing requirements, etc. - Second,

    did you experience a 50% revenue decline in 2020 compared to 2019 or a 20% revenue decline in 2021

    compared to 2019? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should speak with an ERC

    expert now. At ERC Assistant, our number one job is to connect you directly with a knowledgeable ERC

    expert at a top ERC accounting firm so you get the funds that are already earmarked for you. You just

    need to go claim them before they run out. There's no risk, no obligation, and it's 100% free to see if

    you pre-qualify click on the get qualified link below you can answer just three questions to see the amount of ERC funds you pre-qualify for. These grants won't be around forever. Act now so you don't miss out. 

    Click the get qualified link below and see how much money you could get from the ERC today.

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    Are You Aware That Your Business Could Be Eligible For Ertc Refund Even Today?

    Two Construction workers on the job


    Construction companies that utilized the ERC received substantial government funds, amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars, simply for retaining their employees amidst the pandemic.

    A church building


    The Employee Retention Credit is a refundable tax credit for businesses, churches and nonprofits with employees who suffered from the pandemic. It can be claimed through a payroll tax credit.

    Engineers on site


    Architecture and engineering firm should consider  the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC). The ERTC was created as part of the CARES Act to encourage businesses to keep staff on payrolL

     A Few Eligible Small Businesses 

    Real Estate

    Health Care Facilities




    Law Firm




     Engineer Firms


     Golf courses.

    Here's More Small Businesses That is Eligible.


    This Dentis could be qualified for Employee Retention Tax Credit as long he  paid employees in 2020 or 2021, 76% of Dentis who were  surveyed had closed their offices to all but the most critical emergency patients

    Many businesses are unaware of potential ERTC refunds, missing out on funding and failing to utilize the program to alleviate post-pandemic financial burdens